but not speed

If you are traveling down the wrong path,
you need to be able to stop,
and if you have found the right path,
you need to have the passion and spirit to
follow it to the very end.

If you believe you are
on the wrong track,
you have to break away
and let things go without
dwelling on the resources
you have already invested.

If you are on the right track, you will
succeed someday even if you go at things slowly.
But on the wrong track, you will never
taste success no matter how fast you run.

MDM originally acquired the site for New Yatap Prugio City to develop a dual purpose (residential and
commercial) apartment complex. Unfortunately, due to an error in the call for biddings announced by the seller,
MDM was forced to overhaul its business plan completely. Nevertheless, it analyzed the market carefully and took
the latest trends into consideration for its new plan, and led the project to a great success.
President Office, KAIT Tower 20F
The four lots (total area: 110,000 m2) adjacent to Goyang Starfield were expected to be developed into
a broadcasting media complex, which the city of Goyang was promoting as its next-generation growth engine.
However, the site was left abandoned for quite some time due to a lack of companies willing to relocate
to Goyang.
Chairman Moon Joo Hyun anticipated an increase in demand for smaller office and residential units and
acquired all four lots in 2015 despite concerns and risks of the project pointed by his staff.
Thereafter, in just five years, MDM developed and successfully sold e-Pyeonhansesang City Samsong I,
e-Pyeonhansesang City Samsong II, e-Pyeonhansesang City Samsong III, and I’M Samsong

Slowly, but surely.
Never stop until the finishing line.

If you fall over, quickly get back up on your feet.
Stand back up, and continue along the path you were on.
So long as the direction is clear,
you can move forward no matter how rough the road gets.