Moon-Joo Scholarship Foundation


Sharing happiness for a happy public society

Moon-Joo Scholarship Foundation opens the gates to learning and gives hope to children in need of support.
  • KRW 58.23Billion

    Contributed property (as of Sep. 2020)

  • 3,434People


  • KRW 6.77Billion

    Total Payment (as of Feb. 2021)

  • Founder and current Chairman of the Foundation Moon Joo Hyun
  • Established December 22, 2001

Major Programs

  • Scholarship programs
  • Support for academic
    and research groups
  • Support for books and
    educational materials

Operating Principle

  • Award full scholarships
    capable of covering the complete cost of education.

    The Moon-Joo Scholarship Foundation
    awards full scholarships. Rather than
    supporting multiple people with partial
    scholarships, it hopes to support a single
    student with a full scholarship.
    This was inspired by Chairman Moon’s own story.
    When he was a young student, Chairman Moonwas
    able to direct his full attention towards
    completing his studies thanks to a full
    scholarship offer that covered his tuitions
    from his Junior year in college until his

  • The highest priority in screening
    scholarship applications is given to the applicant
    and his/her family’s income level
    rather than his/her academic grades.

    In fact, the Foundation does not consider academic
    performance at all. It evaluates each applicant
    based on their financial background, and extends
    support to those facing difficulties in securing
    the necessary tuition funds. This is because
    the Moon-Joo Scholarship Foundation believes that
    even students in financial distress should be given
    equal opportunities to complete their education.
    Once an applicant receives the scholarship, however,
    he/she must maintain their academic grades.
    This is to ensure the Foundation supports those who
    sincerely make an effort to better their futures.

Future Projects

  • Support for distressed social organizations
  • Support to discover talented cultural performers and artists
  • Support to build national capacity

    Enhance national competitiveness
    by supporting science and
    engineering students;
    Provide personnel to develop
    technologies for special purpose
    schools and programs designed
    to train skilled workers.