#2Limitless “IMAGINATION”
is the driving force
of success

If construction is hardware,
development is software that increases
the value of land using creative ideas.

MDM uses its imagination
to design not just buildings,
but new lives.

It designs urban landscapes where its
inhabitants and buildings can exist
in harmony. That is why MDM imagines and relentlessly
thinks of facilities and amenities people
may want, and how it can make people more

Gwanggyo The Sharp Lake Park features a Club Lounge inside the complex, which eliminates the need to
prepare meals, cook, and clean up for residents.
Each unit enjoys a view of the lake, and has access to a myriad of shopping, culture, and leisure facilities nearby.
The number of one-person and two-person households is on the rise, and people are placing more value
on the quality of their lives than ever. In light of these social trends, Gwanggyo The Sharp Lake Park Lake Lounge
offers a hotel-like meal service with a variety of different freshly prepared dishes on the menu every day.

The key to marketing is
capturing the hearts of consumers

Marketing starts with people.
When you think about where a particular person wants to live,
what kind of life will he/she hopes to pursue,
and what kind of life he/she wants to enjoy, the answer becomes
clear quite quickly. Thus, ultimately, the key to marketing is
understanding what the people desire.

Wirye Jungang Station Central Tower features an escalator that transports
people directly from the first floor to the third floor of the shopping arcade,
and an escalator system up to the seventh floor, which increases the inflow of
people into Wirye Central Station and the central plaza.
It also has a central courtyard-like open space that stretches unobstructed to
the top floor and wide hallways that create a pleasant atmosphere and improve
the visitors' transection efficiency.
To meet the needs of today’s consumers who value the convenience of living at their place of residence,
the community complex (total area: approximately 6,600m2) at Gwanggyo The Sharp Lake City features
an indoor swimming pool, spa, fitness center, driving (golf) range, indoor gymnasium, and a digital
baseball batting cage. It also has a Club Lounge that offers a year-round meal service and
a professional concierge service.

"Usaeng Masa",
Ride the wave of the market!

牛生馬死. “Usaeng Masa” means “cows live, while horses die.”
Horses are agile and swim well, even in open water.
On the other hand, cows are slow to act and are poor swimmers.
Ironically, however, the animal with a better chance of survival
during floods in the monsoon season is not the horse. It is the cow.
Horses swim well in calm waters, but they struggle against strong
currents as they are prone to become overconfident in their
ability to swim. And quite often, they die of exhaustion
as the overexert themselves in the water. Conversely, cows ride
the currents, then slowly edge toward dry land to pull themselves
safely out of the water. In other words, “Usaeng Masa” as a metaphor
tells us to ride the wave or currents, rather than believing too much
on our own abilities and acting rashly.

The same principle applies to marketing.
The secret to surviving in the market is to ride along with the flow.
Trying to go against the market, more often than not, will turn you
into a horse fighting against the current. However, if you understand
which way the market is trending, and if you take advantage of those
trends, you can move much more smoothly with the wind in your sails.
That is why developers should always keep an eye on the market.